Message from the Director

I would like to thank everyone again for attending the Technical Workshop and for helping to make it a huge success!

There was a lot of information we wanted to share with you, and I appreciate that everyone was engaged and asked a lot of helpful questions. We achieved all our goals for the day: to bring everyone together - while still in the early stages of starting up - to make sure that we began on the same page; to meet and/or reconnect with one another to start sharing ideas; and, to (re)introduce you to the State partners so they could discuss their roles in NYGEAR UP, and you can begin having conversations with them about integrating their services into your programs.

As I emphasized throughout the day, this cohort of NYGEAR UP is a partnership. The key to its success - providing the most effective and impactful experiences for our children - lies in us working together. And by us, I am also including HESC. We are not just the grant administrator, but a partner. One of our fundamental roles is helping students get to college, and, as I shared, we have a number of resources available to you.

Please complete the Technical Workshop Survey to help make our workshops and conferences meaningful for you.

All of the presentations from the Technical Workshop are available here, as well as the required reporting forms.

Again, thank you so much for helping us to have a great NYGEAR UP kickoff, and I am excited about everyone getting off to a good start!

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