Nassau Residential Summer Camp


The Nassau Community College NYGEAR UP Summer Program provided Hempstead School District students from the Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle School with comprehensive and interactive science, technology, engineering and math enrichment.  Students engaged in project based activities designed to sharpen STEM skills through their exploring of phenomena, conducting experiments, writing computer code, creating game apps, and testing hypotheses.  
Working in the capacity of junior scientists, summer participants were taught in an entertaining and intellectually stimulating environment that required them to apply STEM concepts in each activity. Through drone assembly and operation, robot assembly and programming, K’nex bridge construction, cryogenics exploration, studying boomerangs, and animal heart dissection, students enhanced their skills in problem solving, writing equations, developing suppositions, and proving theories. 
Coding instruction exposed students to computer science and mobile development, while reinforcing algebra skills and further supporting the application of mathematical equations and problem solving.  Additional instruction in physics and geometry was realized through the game of golf, with students calculating swings, determining probability and gauging force and trajectory.   
NCC NYGEAR UP summer programming also provided students with the opportunity to experience the innovation of an online class, as they participated in exciting coursework specifically geared to youth interests (Dinosaurs, Pop Culture, and Social Media).  Working at their own pace, students engaged in online discussions with their classmates and teachers, developed their technology and literacy skills, and learned to navigate online learning management systems and programs.  
NCC NYGEAR UP students also attended the St. John’s University “Ready,Set, Go College N.Y.” residential summer camp, participating in networking events, a college tour, as well as, student workshops.  NCC NYGEAR UP provided well-rounded summer programming that was specifically designed to further enhance our students’ preparation for, and knowledge of, college!